Biggest Problem With Property Management Companies In FloridaIf you are a real estate investor or rental property owner in Florida, you’ve probably worked with a property manager at one point. While some are great, it’s no secret that many can be unreliable. The truth is many are not well-equipped to handle the demands of their clients.

In this article, we will look at three of the biggest problems with property management companies in Florida.

Failure To Meet Clients Needs

Too often, property management companies in Florida fail to meet their clients’ needs. For example, a company can not properly maintain your property. Other times, they can not promptly respond to your tenant’s emergency needs. They may even neglect simple tasks such as keeping your tenants informed about any changes or updates to the property.

In most cases, these companies have inadequate staff and lack the resources to handle their responsibilities. Whatever the reason, such issues can lead to significant delays and frustrations. However, you can avoid all that by doing thorough research before you choose a company.


Another big problem with property management companies in Florida is unavailability. Often, tenants will have issues that need immediate attention or simple questions that need answers.

But it’s not uncommon for property managers to be unavailable for hours or even days. Such cases can lead to repair delays, costing the tenant (and you) money and causing immense frustration.

You want a company that has someone available 24/7 for any emergencies that come up. At Bridlewood Real Estate, we have invested heavily in personnel and technology that allows us to be available around the clock.

Lack Of Aggressive Booking

Every property investor hopes that their preferred property manager works hard to ensure their complex is at full capacity. Unfortunately, some property managers in Florida fail in this aspect. In such a case, your extensive investment experiences a poor occupancy rate leading to lost income.

The property manager might not have the best tactics for marketing your property. Other times, they don’t put enough effort into marketing and booking tenants. At Bridlewood Real Estate, we put our client’s needs first to ensure their business succeeds.

Work With The Right Property Management Company

Bridlewood Real Estate is your answer if you are a new investor or already have a property in Florida and are looking for a qualified property manager. We are your go-to professionals that go over and above to ensure efficiency and success. We have extensive experience working with homeowners, tenants, and investors to ensure a seamless rental process.

From maintenance services to tenant screening, we have the necessary skills and resources to ensure your investment yields excellent returns. For more information about our property management services, contact us today via email or phone. We are proud to serve Clermont, Mount Dora, Minneola, Groveland, and Orlando with our industry-leading service.

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