If you are looking for a new apartment and don’t have much time to do this, then you may wonder do realtors help find rentals. In most cases, the answer to this question would be yes. Many times, their agency will help a customer rent their property and they may even take on the role of a property manager for that customer too.Realtors

So, what other hats do realtors wear? Read on because the answer to that question will probably surprise you.

Realtors Help with the Search for All Kinds of Properties

As part of their duties, realtors have to deal with helping clients find all different types of properties. Some will also specialize in just the residential or commercial aspect of property buying and selling. This can include anything from helping a business find a commercial property to buy or lease. They will do even much more than this to assist home sellers and buyers with the real estate decisions that they make.

They Work with Both Buyers and Sellers

One of the interesting traits of realtors is that they often work with buyers and sellers. So, when pondering if do realtors help find rentals, the scope of their duties goes well beyond that too as they will both try to help clients sell homes and other clients get into the homes of their dreams. Although this may seem like a conflict of interest, it’s a very common practice in the real estate industry.


Not only do realtors help find rentals, but they also must take steps to educate their clients. This includes such things as making home sellers aware of what they need to do to enhance their chances of selling their homes. Also included here is making sure that home buyers have realistic expectations of what they will find in the budget range that they are looking in.

They Are Researchers

Many people do not realize that realtors have to do a lot of research. This actually adds up to a lot more than one would expect. Among the knowledge that realtors must gain by research are such things as the current cost of homes in a specific area and approximately what are the going rates for mortgages and other types of financing in their area. Realtors much also further their knowledge of their craft by doing research and keeping up with the latest trends in exterior and interior decorating.

At Bridlewood Real Estate, our team of real estate professionals has many ways to help out clients. From purchasing a new home, selling your home, or managing communities, we have a range of services for all of your real estate needs.