How Long Should It Take To Sell A Home In Florida?There is no set time frame for selling a home in Florida. How fast a home sells depends on various factors. While some may only last a few weeks or days, others may take months to find a buyer.

So what are these factors? Here is a brief overview of the factors that affect how long a home stays on the market in Florida.

Factors Affecting How Quickly Your Home Sells In Florida

According to the Florida Realtors Association, the average time a home takes to sell in Florida ranges between 30 and 56 days. That includes the period it takes to get an offer up to the closing period. However, it’s not a given. Some take a shorter time, while others could run for months or even years.

Here are some factors that affect how long your home stays on the market.

The Skill of Your Real Estate Agent

Skill is an invaluable asset to an agent in the real estate market. Newcomers often, if not always, struggle to make a sale, even in a booming market. That is because it takes years to accumulate connections, marketing hacks, and an understanding of the local market.

If you list your home with a skilled realtor like Bridlewood Real Estate with a very strong digital reach, chances are it would take a shorter time to sell. It’s not a matter of having a nice-looking website and social media pages with a hefty advertisement budget. No, it’s the reputation and authority the agent gains over years of honest dealing. Conversely, if your realtor’s primary strategy for selling your home is running ads in the local newspaper, it could take years to find a buyer.

Condition and Price of Your Home

Generally, most buyers are not after a house that would need expensive repairs. While they might change a few things here and there, they want a home in good condition. If your home looks old and the price is too high, it will take longer to find a buyer.

Even if your lot is in a good neighborhood, the house must be in good condition to match the price offer. Of course, this is not to say you must do expensive repairs before listing it on the market. However, it should be in a condition you would find attractive if you were the buyer.

Location and Local Housing Market

Location also affects how long it takes to sell a home. Despite being within the same state, some variables affect demand for different areas. It will take weeks to find buyers if your home is in hot markets like major metropolitan areas or in the suburbs with good schools. The same applies in areas close to popular recreational areas.

It should come as no surprise that the hottest real estate market areas in Florida are in coastal cities like St. Petersburg, Tampa, Pensacola, and Cape Coral. According to Aceable, Orlando (Disney World’s home) is another fast-growing location.

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The realtors you work with affect how long it takes to cash in on your listed property. At Bridlewood Real Estate, we are the A team in the Florida market. We have an unrivaled understanding of the local housing dynamics. We proudly serve Clermont, Mount Dora, Minneola, Groveland, and Orlando with our industry-leading quality and service. Contact us today if you want to sell your home.

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